About 6 months ago, for no apparent reason, I identified 11 words that meant something to me and to the world – calm, quiet yet powerful words.  Then again, for no reason that I could explain, I started going to the piano every morning and writing piano pieces that to me fit the description of these most beautiful words.  Now here we are living in a world that none of us has ever experienced before.  So we decided to release this music on Friday, April 3 – no big fanfare – no big trumpets – just me and my piano doing what I enjoy doing the most.  Eleven simple piano themes that might help a world in need just a little.  The album at its heart is about peace, tranquility, healing and inner strength.  I could have never imagined that  people would listen through the lens that we are seeing the world through today.  I have been playing some of the tunes on Instagram and folks are asking for it to be available now in order to help them through this trying time.  From today, eleven days from its release, every day I will be sharing with you what these words mean to me along with a clip of each track.  I really look forward to sharing this music with you as we all try to adjust to our new normal.