1. A Little Thing Called Life (Dorff, Thompson)
  2. Kindred Spirits (Dorff, Derry)
  3. Somewhere In Time (Dorff, Williams, Blazy)
  4. My Angel’s Voice (Dorff, Herbstritt)
  5. The Final Reason Why (Wiesendanger, Fontan)
  6. If Only For A Day (Wiesendanger, Adahl)
  7. Luckiest Man (Wiesendanger, Camozzi, Jett)
  8. When I Think Of You (Wiesendanger, Webb)
  9. The Christmas Song (Torme, Wells)
  10. This Christmas (Hathaway, McKinnon)
  11. Silent Night (Gruber, Mohr)
  12. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Martin, Blane)
  13. In The Stone (Foster, White, Willis)
  14. Jojo (Foster, Lasley, Scaggs)
  15. Through The Fire (Foster, Keane, Weil)
  16. Forever (Foster, Loggins, Ein)
  17. She’s A Beauty (Foster, Lukather, Waybill)
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